Eisenbrauns Staff

General Administration
Patrick Alexander, Director, Penn State University Press
Teresa Craig, Assistant to the Director

Kendra Boileau, Editor-in-Chief, Penn State University Press, (814) 867-2220
Jen Singletary, Acquiring Editor, (814) 867-2220

Editorial, Design, and Production
Jennifer Norton, Associate Director, Penn State University Press; Design and Production Manager, (814) 863-8061
Laura Reed-Morrisson, Managing Editor

Sales and Marketing
Brendan Coyne, Sales and Marketing Director, (814) 863-5994
Cate Fricke, Publicity, (814) 865-1329
Heather Smith, Exhibits, (814) 863-0524
James Spinti, Digital/E-mail Marketing and Sales, (260) 445-3118
Janice North, Marketing and Sales Coordinator, (814) 867-2831

Rights and Permissions
Brendan Coyne, Sales and Marketing Director, (814) 863-5994

Diana Pesek, Journals Manager, (814) 867-2223
Julie Lambert, Production Coordinator
Christopher Miller, Journals Marketing Manager

Information Systems
Ed Spicer, IT Manager

Business / Order Fulfillment
Lisa Weller, Finance Manager (814) 867-3691
Brett Wilson, Inventory and Distribution Specialist, (814) 865-1327,
Bill Lightner, Customer Relations Specialist (814) 865-6056
Dave Buchan, Shipper/Receiver
Main Office, (814) 865-1327
Orders and Customer Service, (800) 326-9180

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