Before submitting a proposal, please be sure that Eisenbrauns is the appropriate publisher for your work, and follow the guidelines given below.

What to Include in Your Proposal

- Name and contact information
- Title
- Brief description of the book (1–2 pages)
- Chapter outline (including titles and brief descriptions of each chapter)
- Original contributions to or interventions in the field
- Interaction with complementary studies
- Description of the intended audience/market considerations
- Status of the work, including date by which the manuscript will be complete
- Specifications of the manuscript: length of the manuscript in words, including notes and bibliography and number and type of illustrations, if any (color, b/w, maps, tables, etc.)
- Apparatus (indexes, bibliographies)
- A curriculum vitae or resume
- If the book is related to a dissertation, a detailed explanation outlining how it is has been revised for publication is required. Please note that we strongly prefer to consider dissertations that have been substantially revised. Dissertations must not be available open-access online.

We prefer to receive proposals electronically but request that you first please send a brief e-mail query to before sending the full proposal.

If you prefer to submit your proposal via the U.S. Postal Service or another mail carrier, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope and send to:
c/o Penn State University Press
820 North University Drive
University Support Building 1, Suite C
University Park, PA 16802-1003

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