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Near Eastern Archaeology

A Reader

Edited by Suzanne Richard


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Near Eastern Archaeology

A Reader

Edited by Suzanne Richard

Paperback reprint of the cloth original


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Paperback reprint of the cloth original

Winner of the 2004 Outstanding Academic Title award from the American Library Association!

Filling a gap in classroom texts, more than 60 essays by major scholars in the field have been gathered to create the most up-to-date and complete book available on Levantine and Near Eastern archaeology.

Foreword William G. Dever

Introduction Suzanne Richard

Part I Theory, Method, and Context

Geography of the Levant Barry Beitzel

Paleoenvironments of the Levant Arlene Miller Rosen

Archaeozoology Paula Wapnish and B. Hesse

Paleoethnobotany Peter Warnock

Method and Theory in Syro-Palestinian Archaeology J. S. Holladay, Jr.

Bible and Archaeology Walter E. Rast

Levantine Archaeology T. W. Davis

Text Sources for Levantine Archaeology: The Bible J. M. Miller

Writing and Scripts Gary A. Rendsburg

Semitic Languages Gary A. Rendsburg

Writing: The Archaeology of Writing (Writing Materials) Alan R. Millard

Northwest Semitic Epigraphic Sources Alan Millard

Chronology of the Southern Levant William G. Dever

Survey of Preclassical Architecture in the Levant G. R. H. Wright

Bronze and Iron Age Burials and Funerary Customs in the Southern Levant Elizabeth Bloch-Smith

Subsistence Pastoralism Oystein S. LaBianca

Agriculture David C. Hopkins

Roads and Highways David A. Dorsey

Nautical Archaeology in the Eastern Mediterranean Deborah N. Carlson

Ethnography/Ethnoarchaeology Gloria London

Ethnicity and Material Culture Gloria London

Women in the Ancient Near East Susan Ackerman

Everyday Life (Customs, Manners, and Laws) Victor H. Matthews

Archaeological Survey in the Southern Levant E. B. Banning

Restoration of Ancient Monuments: Theory and Practice G. R. H. Wright

Metalworking/Mining in the Levant James D. Muhly

Weapons and Warfare G. Philip

Ceramics/Kilns Gloria London

Jewelry in the Levant E. E. Platt

The Mosaics of Jordan M. Piccirillo

Numismatics (Minting and Monetary Systems/Coinage) in the Levant K. Butcher

Scarabs William A. Ward

GIS and Archaeological Survey Gary L. Christopherson

Computer Applications in Archaeology E. B. Banning

Part II Cultural Phases and Associated Topics

The Paleolithic in Syria-Palestine Geoffrey A. Clark and Nancy R. Coinman

The Neolithic Period G. O. Rollefson

Prehistoric Chipped-Stone Technology Gary O. Rollefson

The Chalcolithic of the Southern Levant T. E. Levy

The Nahal Mishmar Hoard from the Judean Desert Miriam Tadmor

Negev M. Haiman

The Early Bronze Age in the Southern Levant S. Richard

Southern Sinai in the Early Bronze Age II I. Beit-Arieh

Theory in Archaeology: Culture Change at the End of the Early Bronze Age Jesse C. Long, Jr.

Archaeology of the Dead Sea Plain in Jordan Walter E. Rast

The Middle Bronze Age (circa 2000-1500 b.c.e.) David Ilan

Canaanite Religion Beth Alpert Nakhai

The Late Bronze Age lbert Leonard

El-Amarna Texts Victor H. Matthews

Trade and Exchange in the Levant Eric H. Cline

Palestine in the Iron Age Randy Younker

Religion and Cult in the Levant: The Archaeological Data William G. Dever

Goddesses Susan Ackerman

Syria-Palestine in the Persian Period Charles E. Carter

The Samaritans T. Giles

The Hellenistic Period Andrea M. Berlin

Nabateans David F. Graf

Classical Text Sources in the Levant David F. Graf

Jewish Art and Iconography in the Land of Israel Rachel Hachlili

Synagogues in the Land of Israel Steven Fine

Golan Synagogues Zvi ?Uri Ma?oz

Early Christian Iconography Linda Sue Galate

Early Christian Churches in Israel Joseph Patrich

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