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Arrowheads of the Neolithic Levant

A Seriation Analysis

Avi Gopher


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Arrowheads of the Neolithic Levant

A Seriation Analysis

Avi Gopher


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Preface and Acknowledgments

1. Introduction

2. History of Research

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

3. Terminology

Sychronic terminologies

Diachronic terminologies

4. Methodology


Sources of data and its classification

Level 1: Stratified sites

Level 2: Single-stratum sites

Level 3: Systematic surface collections

Level 4: ‘Grab’ samples

Level 5: Problematic assemblages

Arrowhead typology

A1: Abu Maadi point

A2: el-Khiam point

A3: Helwan point

A4: Jericho point

A5: Byblos point

A6: Amuq point

A45 and A56: ‘Intermediate points’

A7: ha-Parsa point

A8: Nizzanim point

A9: Herzliya point

A10: Transverse arrowhead

A11: Fragments

A12: Spearheads

Harif point

Seriation analysis

History of seriation research

Methodological issues of seriation

Application of seriation analysis in this study

5. Survey of Sites

Level 1: Stratified sites

Abu Ghosh

Abu Maadi I

Abu Maadi III



Jericho (Tell es-Sultan)



Nahal Oren

Level 2: Single-stratum sites

Abu Salem

Ain Qadis


Jebel Rubsha

Kadesh Barnea

Kvish Harif

Nahal Divshon

Nahal Hemar

Nahal Issaron

Nahal Reu el

Netiv Hagdud


Qatif Y-3

Salibiya IX

Sha ar ha-Golan

Ujrat el-Mehed

Wadi Jibba I

Wadi Jibba II and IIA

Wadi Tbeik

Yiftah el

Level 3: Systematic surface collections

Giv at ha-Parsa

Horvat Rahud

Kadesh Barnea

Mushabi VI

Nahal Boker

Nahal Lavan

Ramat Matred V and VI

Level 4: ‘Grab’ samples

Haluza Dunes 85

Haluza Dunes 94

Michmoret 26

Michmoret 26-A

Nahal Lavan 104

Nahal Lavan 108

Nahal Seker 81-A


Poleg 18M

6. The Analysis and Its Results

Stage 1: The n=67 analysis

N=67, one-dimensional analysis

N=67, two-dimensional analysis

N=67, three-dimensional analysis

Stage 2: The n=38 and n=44 analyses

N=44 analysis

N=38 analysis

Stage 3: The n=50 and n=47 analyses

Summary of analyses

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

7. Absolute Chronology

Group 1



Netiv Hagdud

Gilgal I


Abu Maadi I

Group 2

Group 3



Group 4

Group 5

8. The Geographical Aspect

Stylistic analyses


Preparation input energy

Diffusion analysis





9. Conclusions


A: The sites from levels 1-4

B: The sites from level 5

C: Row data and frequency of arrowhead types

D: Dissimilarity matrix for the SSA n=67

E: Dissimilarity matrix for the SSA n=44

F: Dissimilarity matrix for the SSA n=38

G: Dissimilarity matrix for the SSA n=50

H: Radiocarbon dates B.C. of Neolithic sites in the Levant

I: El-Khiam point (A2) metric indices

J: Helwan point (A3) metric indices

K: Jericho point (A4) metric indices

L: Byblos point (A5) metric indices

M: Amuq point (A6) metric indices

N: Ha-Parsa point (A7) metric indices

O: Nizzanim point (A8) metric indices

P: Herzliya point (A9) metric indices

Q: Barb types


Index of Sites

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