CUSAS: Cornell University Studies in Assyriology and Sumerology

New and Bestselling Books

  • CUSAS 01
    Salvatore F. Monaco

  • CUSAS 02
    Bendt Alster

  • CUSAS 03
    David I. Owen and Rudolf Mayr

  • CUSAS 04
    Alexandra Kleinerman and David I. Owen

  • CUSAS 05
    Wolfgang Heimpel

  • CUSAS 06
    David I. Owen

  • CUSAS 08
    Karel Van Lerberghe and Gabriella Voet, and Hendrik Hameeuw

  • CUSAS 09
    Stephanie Dalley

  • CUSAS 10
    Andrew R. George

  • CUSAS 11
    Giuseppe Visicato and Aage Westenholz

  • CUSAS 12
    Miguel Civil

  • CUSAS 13
    Massimo Maiocchi

  • CUSAS 14
    Salvatore F. Monaco

  • CUSAS 15
    Alhena Gadotti, Marcel Sigrist, and Nicole Brisch and David I. Owen

  • CUSAS 16
    Steven J. Garfinkle, Marc Van De Mieroop, and H. Sauren

  • CUSAS 17
    Edited by Andrew R. George, Contributions by Miguel Civil, Piotr Steinkeller, F. Vallet, K. Volk, M. Weeden, C. Wilcke, and Grant Frame

  • CUSAS 18
    Andrew R. George

  • CUSAS 19
    Massimo Maiocchi and Giuseppe Visicato

  • CUSAS 20
    Francesco Pomponio and Giuseppe Visicato

  • CUSAS 21
    Salvatore F. Monaco

  • CUSAS 22
    Steven J. Garfinkle

About this Series

The Cornell University Studies in Assyriology and Sumerology (CUSAS) is a series that encompasses the publication and extensive analyses of texts written in the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian languages in cuneiform scripts inscribed on clay tablets excavated in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and Iran. The publications provide scholars and students with the broad range of original sources for their languages, literatures, histories, religions, and cultures spanning nearly three millennia. The series investigates and illuminates the complexities of the societies that produced these sources. Although the emphasis in each work may be different, they incorporate transcriptions, translations, and studies, accompanied by autograph copies and photographs, of literary, religious, economic, and grammatical texts that together reflect the entire scope of Mesopotamian civilization.

David I. Owen

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